Sustainable energy Project Karatu is a project that aims after supporting the development of a sustainable energy supply and energy use in Karatu District and hereby support the sustainable development in the District.
The project is carried out in a partnership between the local NGO Karatu Development Association and the Danish environment- and development organisation Eco-Net. The Project have received financial support from the Danish Project Counselling Service.
The project has in 2005 carried out several types of activities.

Improved Stoves

The project has developed a new type of improved stove for use in the households. This stove has now been taken in use in 65 households in the village Endabash. The experiences gained from the use of the stove have been very positive. The households have saved big quantities of firewood and avoided great part of the indoor pollution which else follows the use of firewood for cooking.

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Biogas plant

We have build 2 biogas plants to test the possibilities of using biogas for energy supply in the households in the district, and for developing some new construction principles for biogas plant in Tanzania. The experiences from these two plants have also been very positive.

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Capacity building

A sustainable energy use can only be established if the households have an understanding of the problems there are connected with the present use of energy, as well as having the ability and desire for changes. It has therefore been an important element in the project, to inform the households about the problems and to create a capacity for changes among the households.

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Tree planting

The energy supply in Karatu District is mainly based on biomass in the form of fuel wood. This has for many years lead to a harvesting of trees, a harvesting that have been beyond the regenerating capacity of the trees. The results have been a heavy deforestation and huge environmental problems.
A Sustainable energy supply in Karatu District can only be established, if there is created an increase in the stock of trees by planting new trees for those who have been harvested.
Tree planting is therefore an important element in the project.

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The problems the projekt seeks to solve

The project seeks to solve several central problems that people in Karatu District have in relation to the use of energy.

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The objectives for the project

The project has put forward some project objectives that function as guidelines for the project in its activities.

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